Facilities & Hire

Hiring policy

Priority is given to village organisations to book the hall.

The committee makes every effort to attract bookings for the hall and to maximise income.

Financial policy

Hall hiring rates are reviewed by the Committee annually and compared with the rates charged at other venues. Increases are kept to a minimum but are generally linked to inflation bearing in mind the need to keep sufficient funds for maintenance and future expenditure.

A lower rate is charged to groups providing activities for children.

The Treasurer annually reviews the charges levied for insurance and banking and the cost of utilities. We aim to take advantage of any offers that will reduce the hall's outgoings. Committee members are reimbursed the cost of any training courses or for attending conferences.

Equal opportunities

The village hall operates an equal opportunities policy. Jobs are advertised in the village Newsletter, which is delivered to every home in the parish and a copy can be read in the Coffee Shop, obtained from the Post Office Stores or on the Parish Website.

Activities for children

All bookings providing activities for children require the supervision of adults. Reduced rates are charged for children's activities.

Guidelines for hall users

Please note that there are three rooms for hire and there may be several groups in the hall at the same time. The hiring agreement specifies the room's booked and the use of additional rooms is restricted.

  • The Bookings Secretary will provide a fob for the door entry system which opens the Hall and the specific rooms booked. The heating in the main hall is on a timer set to come on before bookings. The Meeting, Social and Games Rooms have gas fires which can be lit following the instructions on each unit. The oven and dishwasher are available for use by all hirers and are included in the hiring fee. Clear instructions are kept in the kitchen for all kitchen appliances. If the hearing loop/sound system are required, please request them when you book. If you wish to use the projector/screen in connection with a laptop for a presentation or to show a film this must be pre-booked if you require a  member of the hall committee to guide you through its use.
  • Once your meeting has started, please keep the front door locked to prevent unauthorised access to the hall. There are labelled bells outside which ring in each of the rooms and an answerphone in each room to let in latecomers.
  • Check you know where the fire exits are - see plan.
  • Inform your meeting/group of the fire exits and assembly point.
  • Keep emergency exits clear of obstructions.
  • There is a No Smoking policy throughout the hall.


  • In case of fire leave by the fire exits as quickly as possible and assemble in the car park at the assembly point.
  • If there is time and there is no risk, check that the doors and windows are closed.
  • Phone the fire brigade.

First Aid

A First Aid Box is kept in the Kitchen. Please fill in an Accident Report Form. The Health Centre number is 01823 490505

Emergency phone numbers

The phone numbers of the Chairman, Hall Secretary and Bookings Secretary are on the front door

Before leaving the Hall

  • Return all chairs to the storeroom using the chair trolleys. The chairs should be stacked in sevens facing the wall (see photographs).
  • Return tables to where they were stacked using the trolleys provided.
  • Check the hall is clean and tidy, as you found it. Brooms, etc, are kept in the cleaning storeroom.
  • Take all kitchen waste and rubbish away with you.
  • Report breakages to the Bookings Secretary
  • Check that all doors and windows are closed and locked.
  • Turn off all lights and if you are the last group to leave the hall turn off the master switch between the main exit doors.

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